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Below I will answer some questions you may have about this Mexico Phone Number List solution. Questions and comments Why should I measure long sessions as a conversion? It is common in online marketing to track conversions when someone has bought Mexico Phone Number List something or has requested a quote. A purchase or request represents value for your organization. Long sessions usually represent no value. No transaction takes place and you Mexico Phone Number List cannot sell your visitors anything yet. Still, it sometimes makes sense to measure long sessions as conversion.

For example, a long session can be an indication Mexico Phone Number List that your visitor is orientating. This visitor is, as it were, still ‚on the way‘ to a purchase. We call the ‚hard‘ conversions such as purchases or requests also macro conversions. Softer Mexico Phone Number List conversions such as session duration and videos viewed are called micro conversions. Micro-conversions don’t represent value yet, but give you a rough indication of how many people are orienting on your website. For example, you can add visitors with a micro conversion to a remarketing list. Can Mexico Phone Number List I also keep track of other minute markers? Do you want to keep track of other durations?

For example 15 minutes, or 60 minutes? This can Mexico Phone Number List be adjusted in the tag ‚Script – Session Duration‘. On line 15, enter a comma-separated list of minutes that you want to register in GA4: Adjust GA4 event session duration GA4 Adjust session duration events in the script. You are allowed to track a total of 500 events with different names Mexico Phone Number List in GA4. Every minute marker you add to this list creates a new event and is therefore deducted from your credit. You can go wild, but I wouldn’t fill in 100. How precise is this data? The solution Mexico Phone Number List from this article tracks the session duration with an accuracy of 1 second.

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